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The creation of an exclusive fur coat it's not something simple, needs except for high quality pelts and first materials experience hands and up to date model patterns, thanks for you we have all of them.

The creation of an exclusive mink fur coat is an effort of consecutive steps. It begins with the carefully collection of the pelts, our experince staff visit the best mink farms in Northen America, Finland, Russia and carefully inspects one by one every pelt to ensure and quarantie that is only top quality, we made the same process with our personal presence in auctions, where we inspect carefully one by one every pelt that we will buy in order to use it for our products.

Next step is the selection of a coat model patterns, we colaborate with the best fur modelists in the world, they provide us with the most modern and elegance patterns.

Selecting the pattern our experience staff starting to create an exclusive mink fur coat using the high quality materials that we provide them, of course we inspect every step on the creation process.

Next we wash carefully the coat in professional fur washing machine, this step is very important in order the mink fur keeps the velvet touch for decades.

The final step but not less important is the touch of an elegant lining, checking that the product has the correct sizes and everything is perfect and properly on it, we are ready and tou can find our exclusive mink fur coats on our site.    


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