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Published: 19 December 2016
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Fur products have their own secrets in order to keep looking at their best and of course to last many many years. Here in merilyn furs we provide you with the basic principles to keep your mink fur coat,vest,cape,jacket like new and fabulous as it it was in first day that you bought it. You can apply these instruction for every fur that you have (fox fur,swakara fur,nutria fur,kidlamp fur,rex fur,etc...)  

The basic principles in order to keep your fur products in excellent codition are: 

  1. Water damage: water is the worst enemy for fur products, of course a light rain or snow will not cause any damage on your fur as soon as you will shake them off and allow it to dry naturally in room temperature.If your fur has soaked you should have inspected by a professional. For fur products which are bought from us we can clean it and reapair it from water damage and make it like new. 
  2. Heat sources: another enemy for fur products is the heat sources, you should avoid to hang or store your fur coat near a radiator or any other heat source because it makes the skins dry and susceptible to tears and hair shedding.
  3. Prolonged exposure to sun light: This issue is only for white colors, dark colours are more tolerant in prolonged exposure to sun light. White color fur products are very sensitive turn yellowish over time. Normal use, even daily will not harm your fur. However storage or hanging in a spot that is constantly being hit by the sun will make your fur age faster.
  4. Storage: another important rule is the storage of your fur product, avoid to keep fur products in places that have humidity prefer to store your product in a pplace where it is aired and clean, also avoid to stack several clothes in a closet. If your fur product is very expensive you should consider to buy a professional vault.
  5. Steam and glaze your fur: It is good for your fur to be steamed and glazed once a year. Steaming removes dirt, dust and microorganisms from your fur this procedure its not good only for the fur and also for you. Also steaming gives hair shower on your fur and makes it like new.     

Please notice that the instructions are only for the real fur products not for the faux fur products